Machine Learning platform in the browser

Simple GUI tool for non-AI people to use machine learning.


Stack of machine learning models at your fingertips

Endless possibilities with machine learning in the web.

"StackML runs completely in the browser. For Free."

Explore pre-trained/custom models visually

Provide an input to test the machine learning model for prediction before you download the model to use as an API.

In-Browser Training using your CPU

Select a template, upload dataset, tweak the controls & start training your machine learning model right in the browser.

ML power your app with our Javascript library

Use machine learning in your apps with few lines of code from StackML Javascript library.


Data Security

Dataset you upload remains in the browser & is never sent to the backend.

Deploy model anywhere

Download your trained model & deploy anywhere using StackML library.

TensorFlow.js wrapper

StackML library is a wrapper for TensorFlow.js.

Zero setup

Build or train model without any infrastructure setup at your end.

Real-time Training Metrics

See real-time training metrics for your machine learning models.

Visual Dataset

Visual representation for the uploaded dataset.


Some experiments built using StackML

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